Being “daai meisie”.

The phrase “daai meisie” directly translated means “that girlfriend”. The proper description of exactly what a “daai meisie” is, am I not sure of, but recently my best friend started calling me it.

When I asked her to explain to me what she means by it, she simply answered: “You became a girlfriend.” A sentence that must be read very carefully.  Recently I entered into a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it, but it definetly has an effect on my relationship with my best friend. It feels like we are living past eachother, even though we are flatmates. The big question here is how to juggle the relationships.

In the hope of finding clarity on how to balance it all, I researched (fancy word for stalked) a view girls in relationships to identify the characteristics of “daai meisie”.

  • She does everything he asks. EVERYTHING.
  • She washed his dirty dishes, because shame he is a guy.
  • Every 10min she stalkes his insta, facebook and even Whatsapp (P.S loving the new update, good word Whatsapp!)
  • It has become more important to help him achieve his dreams, that your own.
  • Even without noticing it, the two individuals in the couple have learnt on every irritating habit of eachoter.
  • And worst of all: She defends his rude behaviour towards her best friend.

I know it sounds bad, but this usually happens without the couples intent. That is why I get so mad when my bestie calls me “daai meisie”.

Yet after asking a billion questions and stalking like a hundred couples, I still have no clue how to balance it all. The ideal sitation would be for my best friend to start dating my boyfriends best friend. But then again, that too can cause trouple.

Ahhh why is life always so complicating? Am I creating unneccissary tention, or is this a real struggle?

What do you think?


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