Cheers to insanely stupid ideas.

You all have that one friend that always convinces you to do that one thing you exactly should not do.  I am that friend.


The urban dictionary describes the words “bad ideas” as: “A Bad Idea is when someone puts a light bulb up your anus, then breaks it by kicking you in the ass.” A disgusting definition, but yet so true. At the moment it seems fun and funny, but the next morning you regret it so much.

In the light of regretment, I would like to number my 5 deepest regrets:

  1. I convinced myself that I can totally self die my hair.
  2. It is okay to leave my tampons at the flat. I have enough faith in my uteris.
  3. I can do an all-day-mall-day in heels. Superwoman.
  4. There was no arrow at the green robot, but I turned right anyway. R10 000 later.
  5. Another tequila pleeeeease! A classic mistake.

The thing is, an bad idea is only a bad idea if we feel bad about it. So the best thing we can do is to just chuck it. It is okay to do stuid shit. We are 20.


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